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Warriors orochi 3 ultimate stirrups

Unlocking is next to meaningless if you can’t ride around on the battlefield on the back of his iconic Red Hare. In order to unlock this steed, you need to have progressed in the game till chapter 3. You’ll also need to prepare for a somewhat challenging task ahead of you, as you’ll be required to play through a battle on at least hard mode. What you want to do is play chapter 3: Battle of Fan Castle in hard mode. You’ll also need to have Joan of Arc, Kojiro Sasaki, Xu Huang, or Wang Yi available in your active party while attempting this chapter. Once you’ve gotten 1,500 KOs, you’ll receive the rare item report that informs you that the Red Hare is now available to you as a treasure.

Do note that you have to play this chapter in either hard mode or chaos mode in order to trigger the rare item report. Playing it on standard difficulty will not reward you with anything. Now that you’ve completed the daunting task necessary to obtain the Red Hare, you’re now ready to conquer the battlefield with Lu Bu and the flaming red horse. What other characters have you been experimenting with in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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. Ratings: ESRB T. First Release (Any platform): Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an enhanced version of the hit action game Warriors Orochi 3, once again combining the much loved heroes of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. The mythology of the Orochi universe expands with a new main storyline, which brings the heroes together again into the chaos of battle as they are summoned upon by a mysterious stone. The adventure is complemented by side stories offering over 175 scenarios and endings to uncover, including the ability to battle from the point of view of various characters and even “what if” hypothetical stages that exist in a parallel world. New and guest characters join the legion of 145 warriors including Sophitia (Soulcalibur series), Sterk (Atelier series) and the introduction of three new additions: Nezha, Tamamo and Yinglong.

Over 50 distinct stages inspired by the recognizable dark, sinister imagery in the Orochi series await the heroes, with cross-over stages melding universes from Atelier, Dynasty Warriors, Ninja Gaiden, and Samurai Warriors. Gameplay modes include network functions for competitive Online and Offline combat with the all-new Gauntlet mode in which players create a party of up to five warriors and engage in missions on an ever-evolving dynamic battlefield.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Unlock All Characters


Gauntlet mode allows players to either upload their party or download another player’s for 2 player co-op or standalone gameplay. Duel Mode allows players to select warriors of their choice for 3 vs 3 battle against others Online or locally or against AI.

Warriors Orochi 3 Rare Items

Leawo itransfer free registration code. Additional returning network modes include 2 player co-op for both Story mode and Free mode.

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