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This is official uploaded from Producer, Vanthaan Vendraan is an Indian Tamil crime thriller, written and directed by R. Kannan that stars Jiiva, Nandha and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles.

Music by Thaman The movie opens to a school where a boy recites before the school. Another boy is seen running to school as he is late. The teacher punishes him comparing to the boy who recited earlier, who is his younger half brother. Enmity grows in the older boy as he is always compared to this younger brother. The younger brother burns the photo of the father of the older one as he was the reason for his defeat in the school's kabadi match.

In retaliation, the older brother throws the younger one into a well. Watching him get drowned in the well, the older brother runs away from the village. The movie then opens to Mumbai, few years after the incident.

Tamil Movies 2016 Full Movie

Ramana is an underworld don doing smuggling business with the help of local police and political support. He tries to kill Govardhan who is a rival to Ramana but he fails. Arjun(Jiva) tries to see him for many days but is not able to see him. Finally with the help of Delhi he manages to see him and tells him about his life-story. Arjun is a boxer and he accidentally meets Anjana while going to a boxing selection match. He could not attend the match because he spoils the miniature Anjana was carrying for her interview the same day. He helps her out and in turn Anjana travels to Kerala to meet the person in charge of the boxing selection match so that Arjun can get a second chance.

However, it turns that Arjun has come with her to Kerala to express his love for her which she does not reciprocate. Finally, she agrees on the condition if her father agrees. When Arjun meets Anjana's father, he is accidentally shot by Ramana when he tries to kill Govardhan. Anjana proposes a deal to Arjun that if he make Ramana surrender to the police, she will marry him and Arjun has come to Ramana to make him surrender. But Ramana's gang thrash Arjun and throw him out.

After 12 years, Prabhu Deva made a comeback as an actor in Tamil industry, under the direction of AL Vijay who gave extraordinary movies recently. With horror-comedy and horror-thriller becoming very common, director opted for all-in-all comedy genre with the element of ghost. Tough returning after a dozen of years, the body language, dance treat, spontaneous gestures and natural comedy of Prabhu Deva remains. The movie couldn't be funnier without him. On the other hand, Tamannah proved herself as a great performer with a dual dimension character. She also deserves credit for being equally competent with the dance steps of Prabhu Deva. RJ Balaji as usual pulled few fast ones in his own mannerism, with limited screen space.

Being a trilingual movie, the casting comprises of all industries. Cameo of Naser, Sathish and cameo song by Amy Jackson is just to add the star value. Music by Sajid Wajid and Vishal Mishra is enjoyable with Chaa Maar being outstanding, yet with more Bollywood touch.

AL Vijay who proved himself in his recent movies, once again excelled in direction and screenplay. Hollywood fame Paul Aaron's assistance in the script is an added advantage.


Tamil Movies 2016 Full Movie Watch Online


Tamil Movies 2016 Full Movie Youtube

With a laughing riot all the way, exciting climax and a touching ending completes the movie. Final Verdict: Return of Prabhu Deva with good performance of Tamannah. A good laughing therapy and a dance feast for all types of audiences. Harry potter part 2 free full movie.

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