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Unless you buy a gun brand new, there is a risk that the weapon may have been stolen or used in a crime. The easiest way to check a gun's history is to obtain the serial number from the body of the gun and then ask a gun professional to run a stolen weapons search.

In this case, the 'A' prefix predates the 1940 dating system. With those markings it is a Model 1908/08, if it is the same size frame and stock as your BAY STATE (also made by H&R and almost Identical except for markings).

Run A Pistol Serial NumberRun A Pistol Serial Number

Can I Run A Gun Serial Number Online

Most of the 1908s (made from 1909 up to the late 1930s) had or have an 'A' prefix, denoting a difference from the Model 1900, which preceded it (that's the model with the removable hinge pin). It was made before around 1930, when H&R began calling this model the No.08 STANDARD, which later, around 1943 was called the Model 48, after some improvements were made. Exact year of manufacture is impossible to determine at this time as the production records are unavailable - but most likely during the mid 1920's. One bit of help would be whether the pistol grip bottom is squared off or rounded (bag shape). Free download love songs mp3 opm music. Note: Historical information courtesy of Bill Goforth's research - hard ware data from my collection.

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