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Awesome Opening!!! Whitebeard is the best!!!

Heyoooo, This post is basically for the people who don't know the arcs in One Piece and learning these arcs are good for discussions and debates. I'll be including the Sagas and under the Sagas will be the list of arcs including the chapters and episodes or came on, I'll also write a brief summary of each arc(That's important to me) in case you have forgotten of what its all about! Water 7 Arc On the look for a shipwright to pair their ship that took too much damage from their travel in and out of Skypeia. They meet franky and a whole lot of experience shipwrights that announced that the 'Going Merry' can never sail again. This causes a rift upon Luffy and usopp, Letting him leave the crew. Robin leaves the crew and joins Cp9 to Enies Lobby in order to protect her friends from a Buster Call that once destroyed her Island. Franky also gets captures along with Robin.

Straw Hats chases after them. Enies Lobby Arc Straw Hats and a couple of others fight their way through the marines to get Franky and Robin back. With time running out of time and the Robins biggest fear happening, the Buster Calls been activated and the island is being attacked by the world government.

After saving Robin, the Straw Hats have another problem.leaving the island, after jumping off the island and onto the 'Going Merry' (That sailed herself to them) after barely escaping the 'Going Merry' breaks down and after realizing that they'll have to leave the 'Going Merry' behind and have a funeral. Amazon Lily Arc Luffy finds about Ace capture and execution and meets another Warlord. Boa Hancock who soons falls in love with Luffy and set their course to Impel down. Impel Down Arc Luffy meets Bon Clay, Mr.

3, crocodile and Buggy once again and fights against Magellan, Bon clay looks for IvanKov for help and Luffy makes a recovery. We learn that Ivankov and Inazuma use to work with Luffys father, Dragon.

One piece marineford arc torrentOne Piece Marineford ArcMarineford

They help Luffy to try to break Ace out (Thinking Ace was Dragons father as well). The group fails as Ace is already on his way to Marineford for execution. Bon clay makes a devastating sacrifice. (Also Jimbei helps).

One Piece: Whitebeard War Saga The 22 nd Arc Story Whitebeard War Saga: Arc 7 – Marineford Episodes: 452 – 489 Summary: Luffy fails to rescue Ace before he is transferred from Impel Down to Marineford the Marine Headquarters of the world. Luffy escapes with many criminals he has freed from the depths of Impel Down and are taking them with him to rescue Ace.

Among the escapees are the Revolutionists Ivankov and Inaz uma, Ex-Shichibukais Crocodile and Jinbei, and Pirates such as Mr. 3 and Buggy the Clown.

One Piece Marineford Arc Full

While Luffy makes his way to Marineford, Whitebeard the Most feared Pirate on the Seas makes his entrance at the Marine Headquarters. The stakes are higher this time around because if they fail to save Ace, Luffy will lose his brother and with the lingering threats of Admirals and Vice-Admirals at Marineford will not make it any easier on both the Whitebeard Allied Fleet and the Luffy’s temporary alliance with old nemesis. Will Luffy pay the price for allying himself with Pirates with ulterior motives are will this temporary alliance reap the benefits to save Ace.

Overview: The Marineford Arc is one of the most anticipated Arcs which any (i suspect ALL) ONE PIECE fans have been waiting for since its tense build up from the manga. The build up to this arc was BRILLIANT as ever (thank you Eiichiro Oda). The secrets revealed in this Arc took the One Piece world as one of the best Anime World out there though and and im Happy to say i’m a fan of the series. I’ve only started watching one piece from the year 2005 and since i havent been a fan as long as many people ive come to nothing less from Eiichiro Oda since ive been reading One Piece.

The Animation for the series is the same as from the Previous Arc so yeah the consistency of Oda’s unique style is there so there’s no need to comment on the animation. There aren’t any new tracks that I heard throughout the arc so it’s nothing really to shout about but was kinda disappointed with it though didn’t get to hear my favourite battle track. The storyline for the Arc was so well written and executed nicelyfor the anime show, BUT!!!!!! They still give us that shitty 7 min recap from the previous episode ( Argh!!!!) which I found totally unneccessary but I do know they are strapped for time and need the something to drag the arc abit longer due to series being so close to the manga at this point. Overall the Arc is really good and any TRUE One Piece fan will not find any grievances with it (except for the 7 min recap WTF MAN.WTF!!!!). 4 Stars Out of 5 Fan Made Trailer 😛.

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