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If you’re in IB Business and Management SL/HL class and want a little extra study help for your in-class test or the IB exam, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered the best FREE online IB Business and Management Notes into one usable article.

Introduction To Business Management Notes

– Descibe the characteristics of an organisation Managers work in an organisation, which is a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose. Organisations have three characteristics: - they have a distinct purpose - the are composed of people - they have a deliberate structure Many of today’s organisations are structured to be more open, flexible and responsive to changes, and have undergone some major changes in relation to how they operate. – Explain why managers are important to organisations Managrtd str important to organisations for three reasons. First, organisations need their managerial skills and abilities in uncertain, complex and chaotic times. Second, managers are critical to getting things done in organisations.

Finally, managers contribute to employee productivity and loyalty; the way employees are managed can affect the organisation’s financial performance; and managerial ability has been shown to be important in creating organisational value.How much is needed? When is it needed? Forecasting: 1.Techniques assume some underlying causal system that existed in the past will persist into the future 2.

Forecasts are not perfect 3. Forecasts for groups of items are more accurate than those for individual items 4.

Forecast accuracy decreases as the forecasting horizon increases Strategic Capacity Planning. Goal. To achieve a match between the long-term supply capabilities of an organization and the predicted level of long-term demand.

Overcapacity! Operating costs that are too high.

Undercapacity! Strained resources and possible loss of customers Decision Theory: A general approach to decision making that is suitable to a wide range of operations management decisions. Capacity planning. Product and service design.

Equipment selection. Location planning.Module 1 Module 1: Introduction to Modern Management Lindsay Bursaw Aspen University Abstract Throughout history many different theories have been developed, researched, written about and put to the test in actual work place setting to see how well they work and how effective they are. Lower-level management, comprehensive analysis of management and human relations movement in management theory are just a few of them. Each theory was and still is important in today’s modern business world. Every theory has had some kind of impact on the new theories in management that have come about since then and will still continue to have an impact in the future. It’s important that managers now and managers in the future are educated on these different management theories so that they can provide the support and education to their employees need and deserve.

This will foster a positive work environment that will lead to increased productivity and success within companies. Every company must have good, competent managers in order to survive and be successful.

Module 1 Introduction to Modern Management Assignments: Essay Questions “Managers should be paid more than regular employees.” Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer in scholarly detail. There are many reasons management.Performance Management Mid-Term Chapter 1 Performance management – is a continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with strategic goals of the organization Performance appraisal – is the systematic description of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses Performance management contribution – a performance management system can make the following important contributions 1. Motivation to perform is increased 2. Administrative actions are more fair and appropriate 3.

Employees become more competent 4. There is better protection from lawsuits 5. Supervisors views of performance are communicated more clearly 6. Organizational change is facilitated 7. Motivation, commitment, and intentions to stay in the organization are enhanced Disadvantages’/dangers or poorly implemented PM systems 1. Increased turnover 2. Use of misleading information 3.

Lowered self esteem 4. Wasted time and money 5. Damaged relationships 6. Decreased motivation to perform 7. Employee burnout and job dissatisfaction 8. Increased risk of litigation 9. Varying and unfair standards and ratings Tangible returns – An employee’s compensation, includes cash compensation (i.e.

Base pay, cost of living and merit pay, short term incentive, and long term incentive and benefits (i.e. Income protection, work/life focus, tuition reimbursement, and allowances). PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT UNIT 3 CASE STUDY JANINE EASTEP COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY It has come to my attention as CEO of Donaldson’s clothing store that sales have been steadily declining in the last quarter. There is a growing list of competitors in the area who are offering lower prices dramatically increasing competition. In addition many of these stores are offering an extensive line of men’s and children’s clothing as well.

Introduction To Business Administration Notes

In order to increase sales I have created an analysis of the situation and will be implementing a new sales plan effective next week. Although the sales team at our St. Paul location has known about the issue facing their store and have made great efforts in improving customer service and offering discounts, sales are still plummeting I have identified a list of options. After identifying our three main competitors it is clear they have been using a low price strategy that has offset sales at Donaldson’s. A feasible choice is to offer lower prices. We have developed a client base and repeated customers in the past by offering great service at an affordable price.


We cannot afford to offset service at this point in return for lower prices. Our competitors clothing line is not in comparison with our line in quality, and price will not affect.Eugene Bell, III.

Brasfield Management 5000 10 April 2014 Management 5000 Mid-Term Assume you are the new Executive VP of St. Albert’s Hospital, which is located in an older neighborhood of a Midwestern city. You report to the hospital CEO. Albert’s is owned and operated by an order of Catholic nuns, who have for 100 years taken great pride in their service to the poor. Your job description says that one of your duties is to organize and implement strategic planning for the hospital. Since coming to the hospital three weeks ago you have quickly realized that the hospital has had a revenue shortfall the last two years because too many patients from the surrounding neighborhoods did not have insurance and could not pay their bills. As you are thinking about the strategic planning part of your job reflect on the course readings in the area of planning and decision-making and in your essay discuss two related questions: A.

What does strategic planning mean, and how should you think about organizing tasks to do strategic planning for a nonprofit hospital corporation that is owned and operated by a religious group? Is the strategic perspective likely to be different than if this was a corporate business? Strategic Planning is a set of procedures for making decisions about the organization’s long term goals and strategies. When thinking about organizing tasks to do strategic planning for a corporation owned.1) What are some of the principal reasons why project management has become such a popular business tool in recent years? Project Management has become a very important and popular business tool in recent years. If you want a successful project you should have a person in charge to keep the project organized.

Introduction To Business Management 9th Edition Notes

A project manager must have strong leadership skills such as: Integration management, Scope management, Time management, Cost management, Quality management, Human resource management, Communications management, Risk management, and procurement management. Also, The Project Manager may also have to deals with standards and regulations of the project, management skills, project environment, and interpersonal skills. All of these are key ingredients for project organization because without it, a project may not flow efficiently or financially. 2) pass 3) What are the advantages and disadvantages to using project management? Advantages.

Introduction To Business Management Ib Notes

Workflow Management,.Cost Containment, and.Productive Staff Utilization, Project management creates a system whereby workflow is measured and accounted for, ensuring that resources are used judiciously in fulfilling the goals of the project. Managing projects from start to finish can help control project costs.Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School MSc.

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