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Insignia NS-15MS0832 laptop drivers. Install drivers automatically. Insignia laptops. Subcategory: Insignia NS-15MS0832 laptops. Driver Description. Here you can download drivers for Insignia NS-15MS0832 laptop, or download software for automatic driver installation and update from DriverPack Solution. Popular Drivers. Download Android USB drivers for INSIGNIA. Here you can find available USB Drivers for your Android phone and tablet. In this updated section, we try to help you find all types of downloads, links and help to connect your Android device to your PC.

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Hello I bought a Insignia 11.6 tablet with Windows 10 as its operating system. I started it up and everything worked perfectly fine, the touch screen keyboard, orientation, and tablet mode until I did an update through the Windows 10 update center. After it updated and rebooted I had lost my sound drivers. So I did the update driver and it told me to reboot. I then got hit with Driver Overrun Stack error and could not enter Recovery mode. The device kept looping on and off showing me the blue screen of the error.

I couldn't enter recovery mode so I made a USB bootable Windows 10 flash drive and accessed the BIOS to boot from the flash drive. It worked and I managed to get Windows 10 up again but now I have zero tablet features. No touch screen, wifi, sound, camera drivers exist. Device Manager shows no hidden devices or unknown devices. The HID touch screen driver is missing and the Sound category is nonexistent.

I've tried looking for Insignia drivers but there are none made available by the company's website. I can plug in a keyboard and mouse through an OTG cable. I was wondering if there were any Windows 10 OS made specifically for tablets because my tablet is no longer recognized as a tablet PC but a desktop. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for responding. Yeah I tried those drivers before posting forgot to say that and I also tried the NS-15 tablet drivers from those forums which had a lot of drivers even HID touchscreen drivers as well but my tablet kept saying it didn't support the platform or the drivers aren't supported. The NS-15 tablet drivers they have posted have a lot of drivers but I get not supported or the devices stay stuck with a question mark. The most I managed to get working with those drivers was the WIFI.

Windows Update doesn't find anything besides updating virus definitions. I had the same issue with trying to install the latest update to my tablet.

Insignia Drivers For Windows 7

I was all set to return it to Best Buy so was resetting it to clear all of my personal information. I selected the option to reset as if it was being recycled. It took a couple of hours and I noted that it completely reinstalled Windows 10. Based on that I went ahead and applied the latest update also.

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Insignia Drivers Download For Mac


To a bit of my surprise it is now working great with the updates applied. No more driver issue for the WIFI adapter and I don't have to deal with returning the tablet that I really like. Not sure if this is good for everyone and it is time consuming but it did the trick for me. Good luck with your attempts. A further update to this reply (also from me). I spoke to soon. The reset just put the tablet back to the factory version.

Insignia Drivers Bluetooth

The update that is causing the issue had not been applied. It has now been reapplied and the tablet is again broken (error opening the WIFI connection software) with no known fix. I really like the design and price of this tablet but do not want to run old versions of software, especially with all the hackers trying to disrupt the world. I'm returning it today. Good luck all.

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