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If you've ever wondered how software pirates can take software and crack it time and time again, even with security in place, this small series is for you. Even with today's most advanced methods of defeating piracy in place, it is still relatively easy to crack almost any program in the world. This is mainly due to computer processes' ability to be completely manipulated by an assembly debugger. Using this, you can completely bypass the registration process by making it skip the application's key code verification process without using a valid key.


This works because assembly allows you to speak directly to the processor and force a skip over the registration process. In this, let's go over how cracking could work in practice by looking at an example program (a program that serves no purpose other than for me to hack). I will not be walking you through how to actually crack a legitimate program, because I can't just crack a program for demonstration, but the techniques applied to my examples should give you the foundation needed to create your own. At that point, it's a test of your morals if you want to use your knowledge for good or bad. Requirements.

Windows (for examples only, debuggers exist across platforms). A debugger installed:, etc. (ollydbg will be used in examples) Step 1 Test the Program First, run the program that you are attempting to reverse engineer and try to activate it with a random key to verify that you need a valid software key to proceed.

This is to verify that we can come up with the keys. Step 2 Run the Program in a Debugger. Run ollydbg. Open up the program you wish to bypass with ollydbg.

Game Activation Code Generator

Click the play button to run the program with the debugger attached. Right click the CPU window, and click Search For All intermodular calls. Search for high interest DLLs.

Game Key Generator Download

GETDLGITEMTEXT, will be for dialog boxes, which get called when you try to enter a software key. By stepping into the function with the debugger, we can examine the registration specifically. SENDDLGITEM could be used as well. Test to see which one works to break out of the activation loop by right clicking the DLL call and setting a breakpoint for all instances of that call.

Resume the program and enter any software key you feel like. If the debugger breaks (pauses the program's execution) after entering your key, then you know you found DLL in step 5. Press F8 back in the CPU window to force the next step until you get to the TEST EAX. EAX is the return of a value, which means that a check is being performed here. Upon examination, we can see that the EAX is checking for a number that is not equal to a null value.

This means that if it is replaced with anything other than null, it will run. Right-click the EAX and change it in hex value to 1, instead of 0. Resume the program again, and you will have successfully activated the program. And for proof it was registered to me. Good evening, I need your help please so that this application opens without blockage, this app works with only one pc when I try to launch another it shows an error message indicates that the data are changed then there is a relationship between the application and the pc serial numbers, here's the link to download the application must decompress and then made double-clicks the file Star.exe to see the launch of the application and the error message. Here is the link for download: my email: Thank's friends.

On my home computer(windows 10) the software was running me in circles too, from what I can tell (and I'm not sure) but it looks like it doesn't like Windows 10 and maybe not 64 bit. The software is an older software that's probably only good up till windows 8 so you may have to get ya a cheap laptop with Windows 7 All I know is both IMS 16 & 32 bit software both downloaded and open up fine on my windows 7 32 bit laptop.

And that's how you get your through with your software reg but if you finding any difficulties in that just contact me on the email on my bio that's when you click on my profile.

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