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2011) Children 2 Signature Daniel Wroughton Craig (born 2 March 1968) is an English actor. He trained at the and graduated from the in 1991, before beginning his career on stage. His film debut was in the drama (1992). Other early appearances were in the historical television war drama (1993), Disney family film (1995), the drama serial (1996) and the biographical film (1998). Craig's appearances in the British television film (1998), the indie war film (1999), and the drama (2000) attracted the film industry's attention. This led to roles in bigger productions such as the action film (2001), the crime thriller (2002), the crime thriller (2004), and the historical drama (2005). Craig achieved international fame when chosen as the sixth actor to play the role of 's British secret agent character in the film series, taking over from in 2005.

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Daniel Craig is returning to play 007 in Bond 25. The actor confirmed he would play James Bond for the fifth time to host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night. Bond 25 will be released in US cinemas on November 8, 2019 with a traditional early release in the UK and the rest of the world. Sep 20, 2018 - It looks like you can't keep 007 down! Daniel Craig's last James Bond film will now be directed by 'True Detective' autuer Cary Joji Fukunaga.

His debut film as Bond, was released internationally in November 2006 and was highly acclaimed, earning him a nomination. Casino Royale became the highest-grossing in the series at the time. Followed two years later. Craig's third Bond film, premiered in 2012 and is currently the highest-grossing film in the series and the; it was also the until 2015. Craig's fourth Bond film, premiered in 2015. He also made a in the of the, alongside.

His fifth Bond film, currently entitled is scheduled for release on, 14 February 2020. Since taking the role of Bond, Craig has continued to star in other films, including the fantasy film (2007), World War II film (2008), science fiction western (2011), the English-language adaptation of 's mystery thriller (2011), and the heist film (2017).

Craig at the Quantum of Solace film premiere in New York in November 2008 In 2005, Craig was contacted by to portray James Bond. He stated he 'was aware of the challenges' of the Bond franchise, which he considered 'a big machine that makes a lot of money'. He aimed at bringing more 'emotional depth' to the character. Born in 1968, Craig is the first actor to portray to have been born after the Bond series started and after the death of, the novels' writer. The casting choice caused significant controversy.

Throughout the entire production period, internet campaigns expressed their dissatisfaction and threatened to boycott the film in protest. The 5-foot-10-inch (178 cm) blond Craig was not considered by some protesters to fit the tall, dark-haired Bond portrayed by the previous Bond actors, to which viewers had apparently become accustomed. Although the choice of Craig was controversial, numerous actors publicly voiced their support. Most notably four of the five actors who had previously portrayed Bond –, and – called his casting a good decision. Has since voiced his approval of Craig also., who had been linked to the role, also spoke in defence of Craig. The first film, premiered on 14 November 2006, and grossed a total of US$594,239,066 worldwide, which made it the highest-grossing Bond film until the release of Skyfall.

After the film was released, Craig's performance was highly acclaimed. As production of Casino Royale reached its conclusion, producers and announced that pre-production work had already begun on the 22nd Bond film.

After several months of speculation as to the release date, Wilson and Broccoli officially announced on 20 July 2006 that the follow-up film, was to be released on 7 November 2008, and that Craig would play Bond with an option for a third film. On 25 October 2007, CEO Harry Sloan revealed at the Forbes Meet II Conference that Craig had signed on to make four more Bond films, through to Bond 25. Craig lent his voice and likeness as James Bond for both the game, an enhanced remake of the for the, and, an original game for,. In addition to Casino Royale, Craig also appeared two more films in 2006: the drama as mass murderer and as the voice of the lead character in the English-language version of the French animated film. The extended a membership invitation to Craig in 2006. Craig starred opposite in the science fiction horror film in 2007, the fourth film adaptation of the novel. The film was met with a negative reception from critics, with Roger Ebert believing it to be the worst adaptation of Finney's novel.

He portrayed in, the 2007 film adaptation of novel., who played in Casino Royale, also starred in the film, although she did not appear in any scenes with Craig. In a stage version of the book, Asriel had previously been played by Timothy Dalton, one of Craig's predecessors in the role of James Bond. In March 2007, Craig made a cameo appearance as himself in a sketch with who appeared in the guise of her character from. The sketch was made for the BBC 2007 fundraising programme. In 2008, Craig, along with Quantum of Solace, starred in the drama alongside, as a washed-up actor who reflects upon his life and what might have been had he stayed in England, after the death of his childhood best friend. In his final release of 2008, the war film, Craig starred as, the leader of the, fighting in the forests of during, saving 1,200 people. He co-starred with in a limited engagement of the drama, on Broadway, which played from 10 September through 6 December 2009 at the.

His performance received praise from the New York Times, with the reviewer writing 'Mr. Craig, a highly reputable stage actor in London (“Angels in America,” “A Number”) before he became the screen's sixth James Bond, creates a more complete portrait as Joey.' In August 2010, Craig was cast as crusading journalist in 's 2011 of 's novel.

In 2011, he starred in, a directed by and co-starring,. It garnered mostly negative reviews and low box office results. Craig co-starred with and in, an American film, based on 's 2006.

Craig provided his voice to Steven Spielberg's animated film in 2011, playing the villainous pirate and his ancestor in a. Daniel Craig Statue in Madame Tussauds The planned 19 April 2010 release of Craig's third Bond film (the 23rd overall in the series) was delayed, because of financial troubles with MGM; the film, titled, was eventually released on 23 October 2012, as part of the year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of. On 8 September 2012, Bond producers announced Craig had signed on for two future Bond films, meaning he would appear as 007 in at least five films, making him the second-longest-serving Bond after Roger Moore, who starred in seven Bond films, and Sean Connery who starred in six EON Bond films and one non-EON Bond film. Craig hosted the American late-night live television sketch comedy on 6 October 2012. He appeared in a sketch about 'forgotten' Bond women, including Diane Keaton, Penny Marshall, Jodie Foster, Ellen DeGeneres, Lea Michele, and Molly Ringwald. He and his wife Weisz starred in a play titled. It began performances in October 2013, and continued until January 2014.

Despite mixed reviews, it grossed $17.5 million, becoming the second highest broadway play of 2013. Craig's fourth Bond film, began filming in December 2014 and was released on 26 October 2015.

His four Bond films released by Sony has earned a combined gross of $3.5 billion globally, after adjusting for inflation. Prior to the inaugural held in London in September 2014, Craig along with other entertainers and athletes read the poem ' in a promotional video. He made an uncredited cameo appearance as a in the sequel in 2015. Craig appeared in a modern production of 's tragedy at the throughout late 2016 and early 2017. The production starred as the and Craig as the main,. Diane Snyder of praised his 'chilling' portrayal of Iago in the play.

In 2017, Craig co-starred in 's comedy, about two brothers who pull off a heist during a race. Craig starred alongside in the drama set during the. The film premiered in September 2017, but has not yet received distribution.

In April 2018, Daniel Craig confirmed to that the untitled will be his next project, serving as his fifth and final performance as the eponymous character. The film was to be directed by with a scheduled (North American) release date of 8 November 2019 and with earlier releases in the United Kingdom and overseas territories, but Boyle, citing 'creative differences', later withdrew from its production.

Opinions on Bond Craig has described his portrayal of Bond as an: 'The question I keep asking myself while playing the role is, 'Am I the good guy or just a bad guy who works for the good side?' Bond's role, after all, is that of an assassin when you come down to it. I have never played a role in which someone's dark side shouldn't be explored. I don't think it should be confusing by the end of the film, but during the film you should be questioning who he is.' Craig has stated that his own favourite previous Bond actor is, but says, 'I'd never copy somebody else.

I would never do an impression of anybody else or try and improve on what they did. That would be a pointless exercise for me.' His own favourite Bond film is. On an episode of, Connery divulged his thoughts on Craig's casting as Bond, whom he described as 'fantastic, marvellous in the part'.

When told that Craig had taken particular note of his performances, Connery said that he was 'flattered' and that Craig really gets the 'danger element' to Bond's character. Craig has remarked that Bond is '.actually a. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.' Personal life.

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Next Bond Movie After Spectre

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