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  • While the idea of letting my bouncy puppy into a pottery barn makes me cringe (so many things to break!) this chic establishment does let dogs in depending on the location. So call ahead before you take your dog to help pick out your next table setting.
Does menards allow dogs in store

The other day I was walking my dog when I walked past the most gorgeous coat in the window of. It was pouring rain. Of course, I didn't want to tie up my pup. But then, a retail miracle occurred! It turns out that Anthropologie is a dog-friendly store!

If your branch doesn’t allow pets inside, just remember that Walmart won’t be the only place where you can bring your dog. There are also a lot of other pet-friendly stores out there, probably within your vicinity as well.

Which got me thinking, what other stores also welcome canine shoppers? So here it is: the ultimate list of national!

Petco and Petsmart were left off in favor of stores with slightly more obscure dog policies (but don't worry! You can still bring your dog into them!).

.Please note: As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to respect each retailer’s individual pet policy. Unless your dog is a service dog, don’t bring them into a store that’s not dog-friendly (and never, ever claim your dog is a service dog just to get them into a store!). Additionally, even retailers with dog-friendly policies will leave it up to on-site managers to decide whether to let pups into their individual locations, so your best bet is always to call ahead and get the green light before bringing your dog on your next shopping excursion.Looking for a gift to blow your pup’s mind? Spoil them with a BarkBox! Every month BarkBox delivers 2 original toys, designed in-house, 2 full bags of all-natural treats, and a chew. Our treats are made in the USA and Canada, and our recipes never contain any wheat, soy, or corn. Because we want #BarkBoxDay to be incredible for pups AND their parents, every box is wrapped in a fun surprise theme that changes monthly.

Image via 11. Bath & Body Works—which shells candles, lotions, and body products in a variety of scents, from Cucumber Melon to Winter Candy Apple to Warm Vanilla Sugar—is not only a great place to stock up on great-smelling products for your home; it’s also a great place to shop with your pup. While the retailer doesn’t have a posted pet policy, shoppers confirm stores are dog-friendly. (Side note: some of the locations are on the smaller side and have narrow aisles, so you might want to consider leaving larger dogs at home.). Image via 13. When it comes to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, it looks like the “beyond” might stand for “beyond dog-friendly.” This major home retailer has a dog-friendly policy in all of their locations in the US.

They even to deliver a comfortable and easy shopping experience for dogs and their owners. With wide aisles and plenty of space to move around, Home Depot is pretty much a dog shopper’s dream. And the home retailer recognizes its stores are ideal for pet owners shopping with their pups, which is why they have a dog-friendly policy. Their only caveat? Make sure your dog is on a close leash and doesn’t disturb other shoppers. Image via 15. Pottery Barn is known for high-end home furnishings—and apparently, they’re also known as a great place to shop with your dog!

While the company doesn’t have a public pet policy, shoppers report the retailer typically has no problems with dogs shopping in their stores. (Just make sure your dog is well-trained and doesn’t jump on the furniture!) 16. Department stores are, for the most part, pretty dog-friendly—and that’s true for Macy’s, one of the most well-known department stores in the country. While Macy’s doesn’t have a public pet policy, multiple reports online show that shoppers have had no problem perusing the aisles with their four-legged friends. (Just make sure your pup is ok with crowds, as Macy’s can get pretty crowded—especially during the peak holiday shopping season.). Image via 32. The Apple has been on the cutting-edge of technology since they launched in the 80’s.

Which is why it’s no surprise that when they launched their retail locations, they instituted a dog-friendly policy before it was the norm. While The Apple Store doesn’t have their pet policy posted online, shoppers report that most locations are happy to accept dogs on leash.

(Just keep in mind Apple stores can get super hectic—especially around the holidays. If your dog gets easily overwhelmed by crowds, probably best to leave him at home.).

Next time you’re in NYC, make sure to stop by the Strand Bookstore; according to the company’s website, shoppers are welcome to bring their pups in to check out the newest releases. Banana Republic Banana Republic is known for being the go-to spot for chic office wear.

Can You Bring Dogs Into Menards

But as it turns out, it’s also gaining a reputation as one of the most pet-friendly retailers around., not only does Banana Republic allow dogs in store, but many locations will stash treats behind the register to make sure your pup feels welcome. Shop locally with your pet All the retailers mentioned so far have been chains—but they’re not the only stores that allow pets! Most local liquor and wine stores have no problem with shoppers bringing their pets—just call ahead and ask the owner if it’s alright for your dog to come with you to stock up on holiday wine. Looking for other local places to visit with your pet? Check out for recommendations on dog-friendly shopping, hotels, restaurants, and more! Featured Image via Want More Articles Like This?

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